A New York native, Tyson Reist has worked as a professional photographer since returning to New York after pursuing a B.S. in Applied Mathematics at Brown University, collaborating on numerous occasions with his friend and fellow photographer John Kluge. Over the years, he has been lucky enough to work with and learn from some outstanding photographers including Scott Frances, Durston Saylor, David Sundberg, Peter Aaron, Daniela Federici and Todd Eberle.

Artist's Statement

In telling a story - in print, imagery, or song an artist walks a tightrope balancing personal viewpoint, interpretation, and individual expression with the work’s accessibility to a wider audience.

As a working photographer, I focus primarily on architecture and interiors, though I have also done fashion, portrait and commercial work, and find they are always exciting counterpoints to my usual subject matter. Travel and documentary photography are passions that I pursue whenever the opportunity to tell a great story though my images presents itself.

Over the years, I have shot film on 35mm, medium format, and large format 4x5. Now I usually shoot digital. Having shot film gives any photographer an important understanding not only of light and color as he is shooting, but how best to work with the files he's going to have when shooting digital. As a user of Photoshop since version 2.5 back in the 90s, I do all my clients' crucial retouching personally.

My work in photography has become an integral part of the paintings I work on as a hobby, informing ever changing insights into color and space. Concurrent with my abstract work, I have produced several realist cityscapes allowing me to investigate perspective, space and light in an entirely different but complementary idiom. In this area, my method differs, but the art itself remains true to a fundamental exploration of space and light.